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Power Rodding or Drain rodding has been around for over 72 yrs
At Family Rooter Drain and Sewer we understand that having a main line drain or sewer line backup can be frustrating. Blockages in a sewer can be caused by many things such as root intrusion, feminine wipes, grease, and an old sewer line. Main line drains typically back up from hair, scum, toddlers who love to flush toys down the toilet. We are here to help you get your sewer or drain unclogged. Let us explain the process.

Drain Rodding or power rodding is the alternative to digging out your sewer pipe or replacing your main line drain to your home and replacing it with a new sewer or drain pipe. At Family Rooter we use our camera to locate where the blockage is in the sewer or drain. We don’t charge our customers a camera service fee as long as they have us do the job.

Once located we will use a Power Rodder or Drain Rodder. This tool is a metal flexible cable with a sharp cutting tool at the end. When we turn on the motor the cable crawls down your pipe or sewer with the sharp blade on the end of it cutting anything in its way clearing tree debris, hair, grease, maybe a few of the less undesirable toys the toddler didn’t like allowing water to flow.

Drain Snake or Power rodding Techny, IL

Drain snakes create a much smaller hole and have a much harder time breaking through difficult clogs. If you are using a hand held drain snake you more than likely are not solving the bigger issue at hand. It may give you temporary relief but in time you will need to have a professional come out and rod your sewer or drain lines.

Why Family Rooter Drain and Sewer for your Drain Rodding near Techny, IL

We have over 25 yrs Experience serving the Chicagoland area. We are equipped with all of the latest technologies of power rodding a sewer line. We offer free camera inspection to all of our clients (must do the job). We are a top rated 5 star Rooter company that strives for excellence to do the best for our customers. Check out our reviews and our drain rodding coupons.

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Other Services we offer that you may want us to look at while we are rodding out your drains are:  Hydro Jetting, Sewer Cleaning and Repair, Faucet Repair or Installation, Sump Pump Installation, Water Heater Repair or Installation.

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