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Exterior and Interior Waterproofing

At Family Rooter Drain and Sewer we understand you don’t want to tear up your fully finished basement. That interior drain tiles may not be an option for some of our clients.

We offer the option to our clients to dig up around your home’s foundation from the outside to install an exterior waterproof membrane.

What is Exterior Waterproofing

How is an Exterior Waterproofing Membrane Installed? There are 3 options to choose from. Either option would involve digging down to the footer of the foundation. All of the digging for your water proofing projects are done by hand to prevent disturbing the ground around the home causing additional drainage issues and uneven settling.

Option 1: Exterior Dimple Board– Can be applied to both poured concrete and brick foundations. Dig down to the footer, clear the foundation of any dirt and or other debris. Attach dimple board with fasteners to foundation. Back filling trench can be done upon completion of installation.

Application of an Exterior Dimple Board Drainage System provides waterproofing protection to the foundation wall by preventing water contact with the foundation in the first place.

The unique dimple pattern creates air gaps that allow the water to drain down minimizing the hydrostatic pressure build up on the foundation itself that would otherwise be subject to soaking through the foundation or up through the footer and then through the interior cove plate.

Drainage Capacity of up to 18 gal per min per foot

Option 2: Exterior Waterproofing Membrane- Can only be applied to concrete foundations. Dig down to the footer, clean any and all dirt and debris from the foundation..If wet foundation will need to dry overnight. Backfilling of trench can not be done until the product dries. Drying time is 24 hours.

Application of an Exterior Membrane provides waterproofing protection to the foundation wall by spraying or rolling on a 100% virgin polymer mixture that covers the entire wall. It forms a smooth seamless moisture barrier that resists the freeze/thaw cycles, allowing flexibility while continuing to provide protection against seepage.

Option 3: Exterior Waterproofing Membrane with UV Protection– This product is essentially the same as option 2 in every way except the added UV protection for application to below grade and above grade concrete structures.

Drain Tile Waterproofing

In residential home construction, a drain tile system is a means for ensuring that ground water doesn’t infiltrate a basement or crawl space but instead is directed away from the house before it can enter or into a sump pump pit. While some homes may never have need for a drain tile system, it is a good feature to have since you never know when a period of heavy rain or rapid snow melt might cause catastrophic water problems in your basement or crawl space.

Here at Family Rooter we offer spot repairs on broken sections of existing exterior drain tiles. This consists of us digging down to the failed section, removing the failed section, and installing a new 3-5 ft piece of drain tile and back fill the trench.

We also offer the installation of interior drain tile systems which may vary in length depending on how much exterior drain tile is failed. These types of drain tile installations consist of breaking up a section of the concrete floor around the perimeter of the foundation wall and installing perforated pipe. Haul away broken concrete and debris. Patch the concrete upon completion.

Interior/Exterior Foundation Crack Repair

All of our crack repair services are done with a combination of injection and and surface seals.We install “ports“ over the crack. Next we surface seal around the ports and the length of the entire crack a few inches wider and a few inches longer than the crack. After the surface seal dries approximately 30 minutes, we fill the ports with an Epoxy/Polyurethane mixture. The mixture has an expansion rate of up 20 times resulting in added flexibility which will allow for natural foundation movement without losing its bond and ability to stay watertight.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you have a crawl space that is constantly damp or wet you may be breathing in some unhealthy and poor quality air. We can seal out the moisture and soil gases with a range of different liners. The liner we would use depends heavily on the overall goal ranging from just a more homeowner friendly space for storage, to insulating with up to an R-value of 5.0, providing both insulation and sealing.

Additional Indoor Air Quality Control Solutions

Ranging from Dehumidifiers, concrete and brick sealers,and ventilation systems.

Ventilation systems– Remove unhealthy air from below grade while distributing clean healthy air back to the living areas of your home

Dehumidifiers– Helps ensure a moisture free below grade environment. Multiple options available depending on your homes needs.

Concrete and Brick Sealers– Seals pores in the concrete and bricks. Generally used when you don’t have a visible crack that requires a repair but experience small amounts of seepage in the walls or floors of your basement.

Have one of our expert waterproofing techs come out and build a system that will work best for any and all of your waterproofing and encapsulating problems.

Here is a list of other services we offer that you may be interested in:  Sump Pump Installation, Water Heater Installation or Repair, Hydro Jetting, Sewer Clean-Out.

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